Meet Guest Author: Charissa Dufour

Coverart1Meet Charissa Dufour, author of Sucked In and Torn (releasing in December).

About Sucked In:

Ashley Hawn writes novels where the dark, handsome, brooding anti-hero always gets the attractive mortal girl… that is, until her out-of-her-league boyfriend turns her into a creature of the night. The only problem is, real life vampires are nothing like the creatures of her imagination. Suddenly, she is trapped in in the middle of a supernatural war that challenges everything she thought she understood about the world of fiction, leaving her with the realization that being a vampire actually sucks. Available now on AMAZON

selfCharissa Dufour

My journey to become a writer began in 8th grade, when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pulled from school to recover. During this time, I was left alone for hours on end and it was then that I discovered new friends within the pages of books. I also learned the blessing of creating my own friends by writing down the stories that plagued my lonely mind—as demented as that sounds.

Therefore at the ripe age of fourteen, I wrote my first novel. It sucked! But I kept going and now I am finalizing my first indie novel, with sequels to come, and two other series along with a fiction based blog. I never imagined that first horrible novel about a man who crash landed on his long lost home world would turn into a lifelong passion.

I now live in Chicago, IL with my amazing husband and two rambunctious kittens, Groot and Rocket.

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What is your writing routine like?

I, with complete shame-face, admit that my writing routine usually starts with FarmVille. Once all my goats are fed and my crops are sewn, I hunker down and get distracted by Facebook. From there, I move on to checking on my marketing, followed closely by some sort of house cleaning. Shortly after that I yell at my cats for climbing on the curtains and knocking a lamp over. Then, I am very lucky, I open Word document and stare at the blinker cursor.

Really, it is a wonder I get any writing done at all.

In all seriousness, it takes a lot of coffee and a lot of luck for me to get any writing done at all. Once I have settled down for a stint of writing, the words flow and the world is right.

What inspired you to write Sucked In?

My husband and I were sitting on our back porch, making fun of Twilight, and one of us said “what would happen if Stephenie Meyer was suddenly turned into a vampire only to learn that vampires don’t sparkle.” A half hour later we had the bare bones of the plot. Many years later I had a finished book.

What do you hope your readers get out of Sucked In?

It’s quite simple: I hope my readers get a laugh and a little escape from real life. Sucked In is not deep or even very emotional, but it is funny and entertaining. Sometimes we just need to let our hair hang out and enjoy a book without expecting anything more.

torn review draftTell us about your upcoming release.

On December 20th I will be releasing a new book entitled Torn, book one of the Dothan Chronicles. Here is a little glimpse into the pages of Torn:

King Wolfric Eberhand battles the last nation to stand against his thirsty sword and raging armies. With help from the deadly knight, Sir Erin Caldry, he hopes to conquer the land of Dothan once and for all. He has the wealth and manpower to take their rich land, but what he doesn’t realize, is that the youngest Dothan princess is currently a slave within his castle walls.

While out visiting the remote estate of a relative, Princess Bethany Kavadh is kidnapped by slavers.

Bedraggled and weary, she finds herself sold into slavery. To her horror, she soon discovers that her new owner is none other than her family’s worst enemy, King Wolfric. To fight her rising despair and to keep what little sanity she possess, Princess Bethany begins to fight back, sabotaging the efficient running of the House and function of their Armies.

But what happens when they realize her true identity?

Will they ransom her for the wealth of her nation?

Will they keep her as a slave? Or will they inflict an even crueler punishment?

The only things for certain are: The war between two nations will escalate, and one young princess’s life shall forever be TORN.

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Book Review: The Christmas Token

The Christmas Token (Hardman Holidays #2)The Christmas Token by Shanna Hatfield

About the book: Determined to escape an unwelcome suitor, Ginny Granger flees to her brother’s home in Eastern Oregon for the holiday season. Returning to the community where she spent her childhood years, she plans to relax and enjoy a peaceful visit. Not expecting to encounter the boy she once loved, her exile proves to be anything but restful.

A talented carpenter, Blake Stratton enjoys a simple existence in the small western town of Hardman. With honest work and good friends, his life is nearly perfect, at least until the day Ginny Granger arrives, setting him on his ear and turning his world upside down. Infuriated by her meddling presence, he’s further exasperated to discover she kept a Christmas token he gave her along with his heart the day she left town many years ago.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a perfect read for the holidays, but also anytime you’re looking for a sweet romance. It’s not graphic in any way but passionate and romantic. Ginny is such a feisty, fun character. I enjoyed her so much and the characters in the little town of Hardman, Oregon. This follows The Christmas Bargain but can be read on it’s own. This is about first love. The man she’s loved all her life and thought she lost 10 years ago, comes back into her life and trouble ensues. You’ll laugh and cry and want more!

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Book Review: The Christmas Bargain

The Christmas BargainThe Christmas Bargain by Shanna Hatfield

About the book: Luke Granger is about to get more than he bargained for…

As owner and manager of the Hardman bank, Luke Granger is a man of responsibility and integrity in the small 1890s Eastern Oregon town. Calling in a long overdue loan, Luke finds himself reluctantly accepting a bargain in lieu of payment from the shiftless farmer who barters his daughter to settle his debt.

Philamena Booth is both mortified and relieved when her father sends her off with the banker as payment of his debt. Held captive on the farm by her father since the death of her mother more than a decade earlier, Philamena is grateful to leave. If only it had been someone other than the handsome and charismatic Luke Granger riding in to rescue her. Ready to uphold her end of the bargain as Luke’s cook and housekeeper, Philamena is prepared for the hard work ahead. What she isn’t prepared for is being forced to marry Luke as part of this crazy Christmas bargain.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the perfect book to put me in the holiday spirit! I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the sweet love story. I love the story of the woman, unloved, abused and unappreciated, taken in by a charitable man and given a new chance at life. Filly’s transformation from an unwanted, silent girl to a confident, lively woman was wonderful and the love story that unfolded kept me turning electronic pages. The author has a gift for dialog and story-telling. I loved that this was a sweet, clean romance. I absolutely adore love stories and romance, but can’t stand to read the ones that go into graphic details. This was a highly enjoyable read and especially great for the holidays.

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