Mixing it Up Release and Giveaway

traciebanister-mixingitup-newreleaseFellow chick lit author, Tracie Banister has a fun new release called Mixing It Up. To celebrate, she’s running a giveaway. Check it out.

mixingitupfinalBorn with a silver spoon in her mouth, Manhattan upper-cruster Cecily Sinclair now uses that pricey utensil to dish up fancy French fare on her cooking show, Serving Romance. When there’s an executive shake-up at the network, she’s not worried. Not much anyway. Her show’s a hit after all. Why would the new CEO want to mess with success?

The driving force behind several buzzed-about networks, Devlin Hayes is considered to be a wunderkind in the television industry. Although his plans to rebrand CuisineTV and make Serving Romance more Millennial-friendly don’t thrill Cecily, her charming, blue-eyed boss is a hard man to say “no” to and she really wants to keep her job—even if that means sharing screen time with a loathsome blast from her past.

Mercurial Italian chef Dante Marchetti a.k.a. “Il Duce” was once Cecily’s boss, and she has the PTSD to prove it. Now the owner of one of the hottest restaurants in town, Dante’s egomania knows no bounds and his constant attempts to provoke and upstage Cecily make her want to conk him on the head with a sautééé pan. She thinks they’re toxic together, but viewers love their chemistry and clamor for more.

As Cecily battles to maintain the integrity of her show, she finds herself scheming and manipulating right along with Dante and Devlin. Is she fighting a lost cause? Does she really belong on TV, or would her culinary talent be better served elsewhere? And could one of the men who makes Cecily’s blood boil ignite a passion in her for something other than food?

traciebanister-mixingitup-giveawayfinalRELEASE WEEK GIVEAWAY

Purchase a copy of Mixing It Up between October 19th, 2016 and October 25th, 2016 and you could win this fantastic prize pack inspired by the book’s heroine and her love of French food!

This prize pack includes:

Garnier-Thiebaut Oh, La La, Chéri French-themed 4-piece Kitchen Linens Set

(Apron, kitchen towel, pot holder, and oven mitt.)

 Kate Spade Deco Dot Recipe Box with 8 tabbed dividers and 40 recipe cards

 The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook by Mireille Guiliano

To enter this giveaway, simply e-mail the author at traciebanister@gmail.com with your proof of purchase. Entries will be accepted until midnight on October 26th, 2016 when a winner will be selected via random drawing. This is an international giveaway, so anyone who buys Mixing It Up within the allotted time frame is eligible to win. Good luck!

About the Author

rsz_smauthorheadshotAn avid reader and writer, Tracie Banister has been scribbling stories since she was a child, most of them featuring feisty heroines with complicated love lives like her favorite fictional protagonist Scarlett O’Hara. Her work was first seen on the stage of her elementary school, where her 4th grade class performed an original holiday play she penned. (Like all good divas-in-the-making, she also starred in and tried to direct the production.)

Tracie’s dreams of authorial success were put on the backburner when she reached adulthood and discovered that she needed a “real” job in order to pay her bills. Her career as personal assistant to a local entrepreneur lasted for 12 years. When it ended, she decided to follow her bliss and dedicate herself to writing full-time. Mixing It Up is her fourth Chick Lit release, and in it Tracie finally got to live out her fantasy of being a Cordon Bleu-trained chef.



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Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5448518.Tracie_Banister


A New Twist on Mansfield Park

Calling all Austen fans! Misty Pulsipher has released a modern rendition of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, called Mansfield. I’m already a fan of her other books, Pride’s Prejudice and Persuaded, so this is exciting. You don’t have to be familiar with the original stories to enjoy her sweet, clean romances.

Sometimes the thing that holds you together
ends up causing the most damage . . .

coverA gasp of air seemed to slice through Anika on its way in, and she quickly backtracked so that the emission wouldn’t give her away. Desperately casting her eyes about for something else to focus on—anything else—Anika took in the scene around her. Atop the hay-strewn ground the summer grass was a tender green, naïve blossoms just poking their heads out to see if winter had finally passed. If it was safe to come out. Those innocent blooms didn’t know how cruel life could be. They didn’t know that life sometimes lurked in the shadows, waiting for you to decide the coast was clear before pouncing.

Anika leaned back against the barn, flattening her hands against its splintered solidity. She’d always loved old barns: their reliability, their timelessness, their constancy. No matter what they looked like on the outside, peeling or freshly painted, crumbling or just constructed, you always knew what you were getting; a barn was still a barn.

If only people were the same.

7111457Misty has been ‘scribbling’ since she learned how, but it was during her angst-ridden college years that her love for writing began to flower. She spent countless hours revising poetry inspired by unrequited love, and has the binder to prove it.

Misty suffers from a particularly potent case of OCD (obsessive creativity disorder). When she’s not writing or procrastinating an edit, she’s sewing, cross-stitching, or baking. She also boasts several collections, including a deck of cards from everywhere she’s been, enough bovine décor to supply Chick-Fil-A for life, and seventeen versions of the board game Monopoly (at last count).

Though Misty currently resides in Maryland with her husband and three minions, she will always call Utah home—and insist that eastern “mountains” are actually hills. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Misty served a French-Speaking mission in Washington, D.C.

You can check out her blog, Facebook author page, or contact her via email. If she doesn’t respond, don’t take it personal . . . she’s probably writing her next book. Or, more likely, taking a nap.




Reversal Zone Blog Tour and Giveaway

reversal-zone-blog-tourJ. Grace Pennington has published four science fiction novels. They each have a unique bent to them, but this one is very different. Each book is a standalone, but as with any series, you get more of the story if you read them all in order. In Reversal Zone, the main character, Andi Lloyd, becomes the only one who can save the ship and crew. Can she do it in time?

About the Book

Nothing is as it should be.
After weeks of boredom, Andi is excited when the Surveyor is called upon to rescue a freighter that mysteriously vanished in uncharted space. Excitement quickly turns to unease when the ship encounters an unknown phenomenon—a cloud that appears not to exist. But with the freighter’s crew in danger, the Surveyor has no choice but to venture into unknown territory.
As soon as they enter the cloud, its unstable effects wreak havoc on the ship. They’re flying blind. Every piece of equipment is malfunctioning. And every member of the crew is unable to think straight or act like themselves—except Andi.
Now she’s expected to guide them through the predicament with no previous command experience and no one to turn to for support. And with each passing hour, it becomes clear that if they don’t escape the cloud soon—they won’t escape it at all.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZV1ILB

About the Author

Grace Pennington has been telling stories since she could talk, and writing them down since age five. Now she lives in the great state of Texas, where she writes as much as adult life permits. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading good books, playing movie soundtracks on the piano, and looking up at the stars.


You can find out more about her writing at www.jgracepennington.com.


When I reached the bridge, the whiteness of the windows startled me.  There wasn’t a cloudy quality to it anymore—other than a couple of faint bright spots, it was just pure, milky white.

I was also surprised to find the Captain slouching back in his chair.  I’d never seen him sit like that before, except in total defeat.

“Second medical officer on the bridge.”

The Captain sat up and turned around.  “Need something?”

I stared at him for a moment.  As with Crash, his posture was odd and so was his tone.  But I went on.

“There’s something I need to tell you.”

“All right, tell me.”  He sat back again.

I looked around at the other bridge officers, who were all staring at me.

“Do you… want to go to your lounge or something?”

“No, go ahead, tell me.”

I hesitated.  I didn’t love the idea of talking about the radialloy in front of people I wasn’t close with.  But an order was an order—and they all knew about it, anyway.

“Tell me, tell me,” he insisted, waving his hand as if brushing away a speck of dust.

“Well… you remember the radialloy, sir…”

“You might need to speak up a little.”

I cleared my throat and went on.  “The… the radialloy, sir.  You remember that?”

“The… oh, right.  Yes, of course.”

This wasn’t right.  I stared into his eyes and they looked—dull.  Flat.  Not alert and intent as they usually were on a mission.

“I… well, my knee started hurting a little when we entered the cloud.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The silence around us was so thick that every system beep or blip seemed to slice it.  I sucked in a deep breath.  He was sorry?  That was all?

“I thought… the Doctor thought… the cloud might be making it hurt.  I thought you might be able to figure something out about it… I…”  I stopped, feeling a little queasy from the attention and awkwardness.  All seven pairs of eyes were fixed on me.

“Harrison!  Can’t you see the girl’s trying to help?  Why don’t you sit up and pay some attention?”

I froze.  That could not be who it sounded like.

It sounded like Guilders.

Guilders never raised his voice, he never called the Captain “Harrison” on the bridge, and he had never, ever called me “the girl.”

“Mr. Guilders, I realize that Andi is trying to help.  I’m listening to her.  That should satisfy you.”  The words were calm, slow, and casual.

“Captain!”  I took half a step forward, willing him to understand.

He blinked, looked at me, and sat up a bit straighter.  “Hold on… wait…”  He held up both hands, fingers stiffly separated.  “Wait now.  Something’s wrong.”

He looked over at Guilders, who lowered his bushy eyebrows and relaxed his shoulders slightly.

“Something… something isn’t right.”  He stared at me again.  “Andi.  The cloud is making your knee hurt?”  His eyes were alert now, but confusion furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yes sir.”

“I… I think that…”  He pressed a hand to his forehead.  “Ugh.  I think… that’s helpful.  Thank…”  He stood up and stumbled to one side a step.

“Captain?”  Guilders jumped up but he also stumbled.

The Captain kept a hand pressed to his head.  “I… Guilders, what’s…”  He shook his head, hard, several times.  “I can’t think, I don’t…”

The lights dimmed, then brightened, then dimmed again.  I backed towards the door, watching as the Captain blinked and tapped his head with the palm of his hand.

“I… can’t… I don’t…”

The lights flickered again, and I looked around.  Ralston and Yanendale both had their hands pressed against their heads, and August had gone even paler than usual.  Whales and Mr. Orstin had both slumped back in their chairs and their eyelids were drooping.

“I…” the Captain said one last time, then he wavered and dropped to the floor.

“Captain!” I cried.

Guilders dropped next, falling into his chair and hitting his head on the console in front of him.  I winced, and watched in shock as August collapsed, rolling out of his chair onto the floor.  Yanendale slumped over his console, motionless, Ralston went limp and fell against the wall, and Whales and Orstin’s arms dropped and their eyes closed.

The lights dimmed, then flickered off, then red blinking lights illuminated everything, alarms sounded, and I was left on the bridge, alone, with seven unconscious men.


radialloy-cover in-his-image-covermachiavellian-cover







Grace is generously offering three prizes. A signed copy of each of her three previous novels in the series. They are each standalone stories, but they are also connected. If you would like to read more about them, you can read about them here: Radialloy, In His Image, Machiavellian.

To enter the giveaway, please fill out this form.

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Working with Classic Characters, Austen Inspirations

austen-inspirations-graphicMy Austen Inspirations series is loosely based on Jane Austen’s works, some more than others. Emma’s Match features my character, Emma Wallace, a modern version of Austen’s Emma. She first came into being in the second book in the series, None But You, as the heroine’s best friend. My goal was to craft her personality as closely as I could to Austen’s Emma, while setting her in modern-day South Carolina. She’s well-bred and classy, and while some may see her a snobbish, she has a generous heart and the best intentions when matchmaking her friends. But Emma’s Match is not the story of Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley. What I set out to do was to take her character, add similarities to the original Emma, but make it my own story. And while None But You has many similarities to Persuasion, it’s also a new story. Following the original books exactly didn’t work for me, it felt too much like being boxed in. Obviously women of today have more opportunities than women in the early nineteenth century, but human emotion hasn’t changed. The internal struggles women faced then with things like self-image, financial security, and understanding the opposite sex remain today. Using Jane Austen’s characters as a springboard, I allowed myself the freedom to go in new directions. Pride and Butterflies shares simply a theme with Pride and Prejudice: first impressions can go seriously wrong and opinions can change. These heroines are women striving to succeed in building their own businesses, and struggling with personal weaknesses, when the leading man either unexpectedly crashes into the back of her car, suddenly reappears seven years after a broken engagement, or lives down the hall and has no idea of her feelings. All three of the books in this series can be read on their own. They’re filled with clean romance and plenty of humor. Austen, of course, was the first to combine humor and romance.