Valentine’s Day in Romance

If you enjoyed the Fall Into Romance collection, or even if you didn’t, Valentine’s Day is coming to the charming fictional town of Romance, Oregon with three new sweet romance novellas. For a limited time, grab each one for only 99 cents. They release on February 1st.


For Mallory, romance is dead. It’s up to Max to convince her it’s alive and well.

OPERATION: ROMANCE by Jessica L Elliott

When teens play matchmaker, what could go wrong?


Two best friends find romance in the most unexpected place: each other.

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What Happened to Romance? It’s coming!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and so is my newest book! What Happened to Romance is on pre-order now and releases February 1st.

For Mallory McKay, romance is dead, and it all started with a bad breakup that landed her in an anger management course. It figures that the heartthrob she ran into coming out of her class is her new colleague at work. If things aren’t awkward enough, the two must now work together to decorate for a charity Valentine ball.

Max Collins’ life is full with a new job and a demanding recovering alcoholic mother. Despite his hectic schedule, he finds himself wanting to spend more time with Mallory. Though he shouldn’t, he’s taking it as a personal challenge to prove to her that romance is alive and well.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is all anyone in Romance, Oregon can think about. How can Max convince Mallory love and romance can be hers?

This is another installment in the Welcome to Romance world. It does stand alone but all the novellas set in Romance, Oregon are well worth your time and a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Two other Valentine novellas will come out on February 1st by two other authors from the Fall Into Romance box set and I’ll be talking about those very soon.

Pre-order WHAT HAPPENED TO ROMANCE? for only 99 cents until February 1st, when the price goes up.