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This week my guest author is Darrel Blair, author of The Dragon King Rises. Check out his interview and read more about this great book!


10873025_1018152938211345_8634388086414585333_oIn a time long past, two brothers fought for supremacy. Legend tells of how Sarlon, the Earth Keeper, stood against his twin, Zorlon, the Earth Speaker. Thousands died before good won out. The birth of a second set of powerful twins versed in earth magic, however, is imminent, and the world trembles.

Two Ko’daighan Rangers, Jalyn Sasher, and his cousin Van have a mission: locate the long-awaited twins, and transport them to Dragonfall, where they’ll be taught to use their powers and fulfill their destiny.

Da’ghan, a Landian Hunter, has his own task: locate the twins, and kill them before they ignite a second great war. Skilled beyond his seventeen years, Da’ghan would be a perfect killer were it not for his distaste for wanton murder.

Jalyn’s and Da’ghan’s destinies are about to intersect. Forced to work together despite distrust, the two find themselves standing between the newborns and those who would harm them—or use their power for their own ends.

An epic fantasy in the vein of David Eddings’s Belgariad series, The Dragon King Rises introduces readers to a vibrant new fantasy world where good and evil aren’t as clearly delineated as some would like Da’ghan and Jalyn to think.  An epic fantasy in the vein of David Eddings’s Belgariad series, The Dragon King Rises introduces readers to a vibrant new fantasy world where good and evil are not as clearly delineated as some would like Da’ghan and Jalyn to think.

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Dec 10, 2012 1_19_28 AMDarrel Blair’s wide-ranging education spans six universities, including two years at Georgia State and an additional two years of microbiology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Blair lives in Carrollton, Georgia, with four of his ten children and his wife, Beth. He has seven grandchildren and four more on the way. Retired from a career in sales, Blair writes children’s books and composes music. The Dragon King Rises grew out of the stories Blair told his children, influenced by the thousands of fantasy books he has enjoyed.

Author Interview

Tell us about your book and what inspired you to write it.

“The Dragon King Rises” comes from ideas I had years ago when I would play role playing games with my children. It tells the story of a land that is decaying due to the damage done to it by the last set of twins endowed with earth power, and of a new set of twins who will be born shortly. Depending upon how they are handled, they could either save or destroy the land. My children inspired me to write the story down, and so, here we are.

What is your writing routine like?

As for my writing routine, Currently I write about three hours per day. Then I write poetry or music for a little while. Next I home school my children, and finally I spend some time with marketing. I sleep odd hours, two or three hours here and there, so I work around the clock doing something.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for many years. I had a wonderful seventh grade teacher who started me on a path which led to my becoming an author. So, in answer to the question, I have been writing for forty-five years.

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite authors tend to be older fantasy authors. I particularly like David Eddings, Michael Moorcock, and Stephen R. Donaldson.

What are you working on now?

I am currently writing the second book of The Blood Moon Trilogy. It should be a bit longer than “The Dragon King Rises.” I am also working on a children’s book, and I am composing the final songs for my cd. I have some of the music on my website, It is free to listen to, as well as to download.

Tell us about your main character. Is there a real person who inspired him/her?

My main characters are somewhat modeled after people I have known, or possibly to some incarnation of myself. I’ve done so much in my life. It gives me quite a bit to draw from.

What do you hope your readers get out of your story?

I hope my readers enjoy my work, and perhaps are even inspired to write something themselves. Writing is so much fun, and I hope they see that in my work.

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