New Products: Pie Crust Dough

This is the pie crust dough from Pillsbury, found in the grocery store where they have cookie dough. This crust rolls out well and tastes very good. I made a delicious apple pie with it and it was very simple. The Gluten-free Pantry pie crust mix is better, but this is an excellent alternative for a faster pie.

New Products: Granola Bars

While they are not true granola bars, these almond crunch bars taste great and are reasonably priced. You will find them with the regular Nature Valley granola bars. It is so hard to find a good-tasting gluten-free bar. This is a winner for anyone who loves nuts. You don’t have to go to the health food store for this one.

Gluten-free for one? Or two?

I’ve been asked many times how I deal with dinner if I’m the only one in my household that is gluten-free. I am usually the one who cooks, but even when my husband does, we always make a gluten-free dinner. That way we both can eat it safely and it cuts down on the amount of cross-contamination hazards in the kitchen. My husband will make gluten-filled breakfasts or lunches on his own when he wants to. This is what works for us. I never bake with real flour, it gets everywhere. It will get in the air and all over the counter and dust itself on things you won’t think about until you don’t feel well. If my husband uses real flour, he will use it on the table, far away from my counters and clean up well afterward.

Different families will have different needs. I find it easier to make one dinner that can be shared with everyone than to make two different meals. Some meals are easy, like make a gluten-free pizza and buy a regular pizza. Some families do make separate meals for the one or two family members that need it if they have a larger family and most of them can eat real food. In those cases, it saves them a lot of money. Eating gluten-free is more expensive than eating regular bread and pasta. The cost difference is something I got used to. It was a choice between paying a little more to eat what I used to eat or giving up the foods I love. I would rather pay for it.

Adapt your meals to your family’s needs. Feel free to post ideas on how you deal with “mixed” families where some have food allergies and some do not.

New Products: Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

The new Betty Crocker Gluten-free Sugar Cookie mix! Just found it today at Walmart. This is for the days you feel lazy and don’t want to make the delicious from-scratch recipe found in the dessert section of this blog. This is one great mix! Fluffy and delicious. The dough is very crumbly when you are mixing it, I stirred it as much as I could and then kneaded the rest together by hand. I found it easier to work with. The directions are for drop cookies, but feel free to roll this dough out and cut out shapes.

New GF Products: Pillsbury Cookie Dough

Here we go! I love it when popular companies get on board with making gluten-free products. When this happens, the products are cheaper and easier to find at a regular grocery store. Betty Crocker mixes are found in your local store almost everywhere you can find regular cake mixes. Now, check the cookie dough section of your grocery store (or anywhere you can find prepared, refrigerated cookie dough) for Pillsbury’s new products:
Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, GF Pie Crust, Pillsbury GF Pizza Crust.

So far, I have tried the chocolate chip cookie dough and I love it!