Thank you!

Many thanks to my sweet mother, Terry, for making the beautiful cupcakes you see here and to my brother, Robert for taking the photos!
Who is Julia? You will see links to my novel on the side of the blog. The main character learns about the gluten-free life, while managing a family filled with hilarious secrets. “Julia the Secret Keeper” is available as a Kindle or Nook book right now and will soon be available as a paperback through Amazon. Stay tuned!

Cupcake Shops

Have you noticed the number of cupcake shops all around? You’d be surprised how many of them now offer gluten-free cupcakes, made to order. Call your local shop and ask. This is a batch I got from GiGi’s cupcakes in Alabama. They make them first thing in the morning when the kitchen is clean, before any regular ones are made. It is imperative that you ask your local shop how they handle cross-contamination. The cupcakes are only as gluten-free as the person is preparing them.

May Anniversary

May is my gluten-free anniversary. This was the month I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. So many things have changed in my life since then. I never even heard of Celiac Disease before the GI mentioned it as a possibility. I had been sick on and off with various issues for most of my life and barely knew what gluten was. There are still folks out there who have never heard of Celiac. Yes, gluten-intolerance awareness is rising, but we still have work to do. Spread the word, know the signs, realize that it’s genetic and that others in your family may need to be tested. Get the word out and share my blog! Here I am, 6 years of trying my hardest to be gluten-free, and healthier than ever.

Gluten-free Kabobs

Yummy! My sweet husband made these for me for Mother’s Day. He cubed pieces of chicken breast, pork chops and steak and stored them in separate ziplock bags in a steak house marinade (one with a gluten-free stamp on the label). They were left to marinade overnight in the refrigerator. Using bamboo skewers, alternate adding to the skewers the meats and the veggies. This is what is on the skewers (no particular order): grape tomatoes, pineapple chunks, green pepper slices, sweet onion pieces, chicken, pork and steak. Grilled until done.