Gluten-free Pizza Craze

The good news is…there are more chain restaurants offering gluten-free pizza! The bad news is, the cross-contamination factor is a big deal that can’t be ignored…it sure would be easy to simply eat gluten-free if the microscopic amounts of gluten did not affect us. Celiacs need gluten content of any item to be below 20 parts per million in order not to have a reaction.

I’ve had great experiences with Mellow Mushroom’s gluten-free pizza. The new crust that they offer is great! They use a separate oven and everything. Their employees are trained well in cross-contamination.

Now, I have tried Domino’s gluten-free pizza twice now. It is delicious and they deliver it right to your door. Doesn’t get better than that, right? I had one in Utah with no reaction. The one I just had in Alabama…another story. I was so sick! Be careful with this pizza. It is great, but the risk for cross-contamination is high and you may want to speak to the manager at your local store and ask specific questions about how they handle their pizzas. Questions like these: 1. are your employees trained in keeping gluten-free pizza separate from regular pizza? 2. Do you use separate counters or separate utensils? 3. Do you use separate pizza cutters?

Honestly, I’m going to stick with Mellow Mushroom, because so far they have a better track record for not “glutening” me and Domino’s just ruined my week. Readers, be careful!

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  1. Yes we were very excited to try the gf pizza too. Until we did and were extremely sick after. Back to the pizza drawing board!

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