Book Review: A Lady By Any Other Name

A Lady By Any Other NameA Lady By Any Other Name by Jennifer Kitchens

About the book:

Nicole Farrington’s life had never been easy, but it had always been bearable. At least it had been until now. Faced with a horrible marriage her step-brother has contracted for her, she will do anything to get away. She’ll run…run to anyone who might be able to help her. But running blindly down an unknown path may take her to an unexpected destination.

Julian Huntington, Earl of Foxley, wants nothing more than to have his carefree life back. Now he is left with a title, a child, and a future that he never expected would be his. He refuses to believe his brother’s death was an accident, no matter what people say. Someone killed him and Julian plans to find out who and why. Maybe then he can go on with his life…his brother’s life. But will the answers he seeks be enough, or will he find love to be a worthier goal?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I devoured this book within a few days of receiving it. The plot sucked me right in from the start and I couldn’t stop. It’s a sweet, meaningful regency romance with mystery and intrigue. The heroine flees a dreadful home life and finds family she never knew about. Then she must go into hiding from the home she left and invents a fake identity for herself. I am only giving it four stars instead of five because there are a few grammatical errors and the heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was listed as Violet and not Viola. But this did not take away from the pleasure of reading it. It is a well-written and engrossing love story. It ended the way I wanted it to. Definitely read this book!

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