Book Review: The Long Way Home

Here’s the book I just finished, The Long Way Home by Judah Knight10617338_274685562735896_1582745503_n

Wow, I have to say, this book is action-packed like crazy. It has romance, adventure, a hunt for sunken treasure and even a terrorist plot that has to be stopped. Meg Freeman opts to take the “long way home” when she finds herself stranded in the Bahamas. All her things, including her ticket home, are stolen and she doesn’t know what to do until she runs into her old crush, Jon Davenport. Jon gives her a ride back to the states on his yacht, but a relaxing trip filled with scuba diving in the gorgeous tropical waters is not all they’re in for. There is plenty of adventure and excitement that comes their way. Both of them have lost a spouse and the story takes us through their journey of renewing their old friendship and finding love again. It not only takes them longer than expected to reach home, but it also is the long journey to letting go of the past and embracing the future. It’s a clean action/adventure/romance. Enjoy!

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He had a boat; she needed a ride. The long way home became a ride that would change their lives forever.
When Meg was stranded in the Bahamas, her life was dramatically changed through an encounter with an old friend that turned into adventure, danger, discovery, and love.
Meg Freeman and Jon Davenport began a surprising adventure connected to a 17th century, shipwrecked Spanish galleon. Both Freeman and Davenport had experienced the sorrow of losing a spouse, but they found true friendship as they joined together to search for treasure, which ended up being more than gold. Join this couple’s adventure of romance and suspense where a simple lift turned into a ride they would never forget.
Judah Knight was born in Tennessee and grew up in a home that provided love, support, and opportunities. He enjoyed an early life of diversity that included athletics, music, and active church attendance. Judah received his formal education at various places including Texas. Though his educational pursuits eventually earned him a doctorate degree, he has found that learning and personal growth will be a lifetime pursuit. Judah is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys scuba diving, boating, and camping. He is married with children and finds his greatest joy with his wife and children. The Long Way Home is written in part, as a reaction to modern-day action and romance novels that are filled with vulgarity and explicit sex. He feels that people can enjoy a good story and engage their imaginations without language and circumstances that some deem offensive.
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