Julia Josephine Fairfield
Julia is 21 and the middle child in her family, with one older and one younger sister. She is easy to talk to and a good listener and the one the Fairfields feel they can talk to about anything and everything. Julia dreams of becoming a writer and is in her Junior year of college when she learns she is gluten intolerant and must learn to live without wheat. She is a new member of the university newspaper and writes a movie review column. Her mother calls her Juli Jo. Her middle name comes from her mother’s sister, known as Aunt Jo.

Nick Kershaw

Nick is one of Julia’s best friends. He is a USC business student who helped Julia through the worst parts of her illness. Dated Julia’s best friend and roommate, Stella Fox. He helps Julia write reviews on the horror movies she refuses to sit through. He loves to read but hates to write. Attempting to branch out his education with a finer appreciation for the arts, he spends time on the newspaper staff with Julia and in the drama department with his girlfriend, Stella. Also a good listener, Nick is Julia’s outlet for all the secrets she is charged with keeping.

Stella Foxmore

Julia’s best friend and roommate. Stella dreams of becoming an actress and is the “drama queen” of the USC theatre department. Wanting to sound more like an actress, she insists on being known as Stella Fox. She loves big earrings and flashy jewelry. She definitely has a dramatic flair and tends to exaggerate facts. She is very emotional and very clingy with her boyfriends. Stella craves attention and loves praise. She is constantly changing her hair color and is in a constant battle with her enemy, Jessica Conway, for the lead roles in all the plays. She played Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire in high school and Lady Macbeth and Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest at USC.

Elizabeth “Liza” Leigh Fairfield-Gaffney

Julia’s older sister (25yrs). She’s controlling and opinionated. She has a degree in political science and fights for animal rights, even though she is extremely allergic to anything with fur. Liza Leigh eats vegan by choice and feels the need to tell her sisters everything they should be doing with their lives. She forces her marriage counselor husband to eat vegan as well. She is also allergic to flowers, but has two daughters named Lily and Rose. Her father always calls her Elizabeth but her mother and sisters call her Liza Leigh.

Natalie “Nattie” Annabelle Fairfield

The youngest Fairfield sister (20 years old)…and the one who has caused their father the most concern. Her mother calls her Nattie Belle. She is a high school drop out with two disaster marriages under her belt when she decides to attempt college and unexpectedly moves into Julia and Stella’s tiny apartment. She is flaky and impulsive, never listens to advice and is hopelessly attracted to redneck men with big trucks. The source of many secrets in her life, Natalie manages to drive Julia crazy and find a new boyfriend for her life as a not-so-serious college student. A huge fan of Sylvia La Rue’s popular books, The Astronaut Trilogy.

Eleanor Shumpert Fairfield

Liza Leigh, Julia and Nattie’s mother, Eleanor has been writing under the pen name of Sylvia La Rue for 12 books and 15 years. A loving mother and a closet writer, Eleanor is extremely shy. She worked in a flower shop before she met and married Tarleton. Content to let her daughters make their own choices.

Tarleton Beauregard Fairfield

Julia’s ex-navy attorney father. He grew up in a wealthy family in Fairfield County, South Carolina and attended law school at USC. After marrying Eleanor, he spent 10 years as an attorney in the navy before setting up private practice in Columbia. He is as controlling and opinionated as his daughter, Liza Leigh. He treated his daughters as if they were subordinate soldiers. A workaholic with anal demands, he has trouble hanging on to employees. Determined that his daughters should make something of themselves, he tries to involve himself in their major decisions. He believes English degrees are useless and impractical. He hates Sylvia La Rue’s books.

Colin Anderson

The most annoying editor of The Carolina, USC’s fictional newspaper. He insists on excellence from his student staff and forces everyone to write what he wants to hear. He doesn’t have many friends and is extremely difficult to get along with.

Blake Swansea

Julia’s high school boyfriend. Blake sees Julia for the first time since the senior prom at his sister’s wedding and they remember all the things they had in common. He works as an intern at the local newspaper in Columbia and is determined to become a journalist. Also a USC student after transferring from Clemson.

Taylor Manning

Natalie’s love interest, living down the hall from Julia’s apartment. Redneck with a big truck and a hound named Bo.

Samantha Darlington

Natalie’s best friend who also lives in the same apartment building. She and Nattie both love pink.

Cassandra “Cassie” Carlisle

Stella and Julia’s mutual friend. She loves doughnuts more than any other kind of food and is in Julia’s advanced writing class.

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