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emmas-match-chick-litEmma is on tour today for a book blast! You can check out the other blogs involved for excerpts and guest posts. Many thanks to Hello Chick Lit for setting this up.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One:

Is someone there? My bedroom is too dark. Who was that guy on TV that said a person needs to sleep in total darkness? If that person hears a noise in the middle of the night, it’s only that much creepier.

There it is again. My body goes cold as my hands grip my pillow in front of me.

Maybe something fell in the other room. That’s it. Or perhaps it’s that calico cat I found outside the building yesterday. It was chilly outside in the fall weather and I adopted him right away. He’s likely wandering around out there in the living room making strange noises.

Swinging over the side of the bed, my feet touch something furry before a loud “Meeebaooow!” makes me jump.

“Oh, sorry,” I whisper. Yikes. It’s not the cat making the sound out there. Where is my phone?

That sound again. I drop to the floor, shaking, too afraid to turn on the light. I crawl over to my dresser and feel around for my phone. Where is it? If I turn on the light, I could alert a crook that a single woman is here all alone. Weaponless and alone.

What am I doing? Is Emma Wallace a victim? Absolutely not. I am turning on the light and taking control.

The light comes on and that banging sound sends more chills up my spine. Slapping my hands over my mouth and nose, I look down at my sweatshirt and polka dot pajama pants and realize there is no way I look like a threat to anyone trying to rob me.

There’s my phone! My instinct to call 911 takes a back seat when I think about how someone could possibly murder me and rob me blind in the time it may take for the police to arrive.

I switch the light back off, though it’s probably too late.

Will. He has a gun. Plus he sure looks threatening when awakened at two in the morning. Yeah, I’ve done that before.

I ring his number, crouching next to my dresser in the dark. The noise grows louder and I leap into the closet and shut the door. Closets should have locking doors. I really should work that into the design for my next client.

Far too many rings later, Will’s groggy voice moans something unintelligible.

“Will? Will!” I whisper fiercely. “There’s someone in my apartment.”

“What?” His voice sounds more alert as fabric rustles in the background. “Where are you?”

“Hiding in my closet. Hurry!”

Scratching outside the closet door causes goose bumps up my arms till another “meow” lets me know it’s only my new cat.

I snatch him inside the dark closet as my front door slams open against the wall. Good heavens, did he break the doorstop?

“Who’s in here?” Will’s voice is the best sound in the world right now. The banging is still there as I hear the opening and slamming of doors.

Doesn’t he see the source of the banging? Is the crook closer to me than I realize?

What if he’s in my room? My heart slams in my chest and might fly out at any moment. Will I be shot dead in my own bedroom? Maybe even in this fabulously remodeled walk-in closet? My eyes water as I cling to my cat.

“I’m only twenty-six,” I whisper to the cat. “And you don’t even have a name yet.”

Where’s Will? The only thing I can hear is the muffled pounding in the other room. Did the intruder take him out?

“Emma?” The closet door opens and I scream. The cat leaps out, hair standing up straight.

“It’s me, Emma.” Will darts out of the path of the angry cat and then stands in front of me with concern all over his face. “Didn’t you hear me come in?”

He flips the safety on his gun and slips it into a holster clipped to his shorts.

“Oh my gosh.” Without another thought, I fly into his arms and squeeze him till he groans something about not being able to breathe. “The noise was still there and I didn’t hear your voice again. I thought this was it.”

The banging noise returns and I freeze. “You didn’t find the killer?”

“Come here.” He pulls back and takes my hand. I let go and hold on to his arm like a life preserver as he leads me out to the living room.


Emma Wallace has a plan up her sleeve to save her struggling design business, but not a clue what Emma's Match Blog picdo to about the man who has her heart.

Stealing a kiss from Will Knight years ago ended in an embarrassment she didn’t want to repeat. But when a popular new designer in town starts taking her clients and has eyes on Will, too, Emma decides it’s time to fight for what she wants. The perfectly irritating designer she wants to shove into a hole isn’t the only one who can be down-to-earth and likeable. After all, Emma’s never failed at anything…except walking the line between friendship and love. Crossing it again could mean losing Will’s friendship for good.

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