Holiday Facebook Party

988819_226210467578912_9013747105678894099_nJoin in all the fun for the Clean Indie Reads Holiday party on Facebook December 2-4. This is the week of the holiday sale. Join Here. Log in any time those days to chat with authors. There will be games, prizes and giveaways so don’t miss it.

Here is the schedule (Times are Eastern Standard Time):

Noon: Justine Alley Dowsett
1 pm: Janet Sketchley
2 pm: Karrie Loomis
3 pm: Patricia PacJac Carroll
4 pm: Dani Byrnes Viverito
5 pm: Tamie Dearen
6 pm: Dusty Holloway
7 pm: Patricia Kiyono
8 pm: Cherry Christensen
9 pm: Faith Blum and Madeline Duffy

Noon: J.J. DiBenedetto
1 pm: Shanna Hatfield
2 pm: Linda Covella
3 pm: Barbara Martin
4 pm: Stephany Tullis
5 pm: Gina Henning
6 pm: Linda Crowder
7 pm: Melanie Snitker
8 pm: Julie C. Gilbert
9 pm: Marla Bradeen

Noon: Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember
1 pm: Libi Astaire
2 pm: Peggy McAloon
3 pm: Alysia S. Knight
4 pm: Johnno Jjl
5 pm: Colette Black
6 pm: T. I. Lowe
7 pm: Ronald B. O’Gorman
8 pm: Danielle Thorne
9 pm: Heather Mullins

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