Simply Mad with Christina Coryell

I’ve just finished a fantastic chick lit read. Christina Coryell excels at Christian women’s fiction and chick lit. Her characters are funny and so realistic they seem like a friend. Simply Mad is the first in her new series, the Girls of Wonder Lane, and it is out now!

Simply Mad 2I am giving this book a solid FIVE-STAR rating. It’s funny, uplifting, romantic and true to life. Maddie is a fun character to follow. She’s searching for the perfect guy and no one is coming close to the guy who is truly perfect for her. I really enjoyed her thought process  as she gradually realizes who her heart wants. Though she sees him as someone who thinks of her only as a friend and who will never want her back. Her friends point out what they see as her obvious feelings for Josh, but why can’t she see them at first? This is so realistic. We don’t always understand what we’re feeling or realize the ‘obvious’ when we are in the middle of it. Hindsight is where we all can really see where we went wrong and wonder what we were thinking. The scenes at her job were so funny. Some of the situations she must deal with are very entertaining. The Heard family made me want to hug my mother and thank her for being amazing.  This family will simultaneously crack you up and make you angry. This story has some inspirational, uplifting messages woven in that will leave you with a smile on your face when things wrap up in the perfect happy ending.

Grab Simply Mad and check out Coryell’s other books on AMAZON and Barnes and Noble.



Christina Coryell is a small-town girl from southwest Missouri with a heart full of dreams and a head bursting with stories. She earned her degrees in English and History from Drury University, and she does most of her writing with a couple kids climbing on her or loud guitars playing in the background. You can find more information about her at her website,

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