What’s on Page 45?


What'sonPage45Another fun part of the Chick Lit May celebration, I’m going to talk about what’s on page 45 of my new release, Pride and Butterflies. You’ll see other blogs below to visit if you’d like to check out what’s on page 45 of other great chick lit books. Enter to win our “What’s on Page 45 Giveaway” on each blog below!

On page 45, my character, Caralyn Sharp is shopping with the man she can’t stand and his mother. Caralyn meets Alex Garrison when he rear-ends her car. They don’t exactly hit it off. In fact, Caralyn does a lot of screaming at him. After that, she believed she’d seen the last of him. Guess what? Alex happens to be the Best Man in her best friend’s wedding and she is the Maid of Honor. Asked to help her friend with her future in-laws, Caralyn sucks it up and shows Alex and his mother, Phoebe, where they can find the best shopping in Charleston. Is it a little awkward? Oh yes! Being a Maid of Honor is rough sometimes. She’s incredibly stressed and Alex does something that surprises her. He suggests that Caralyn let Phoebe take over the bridal shower she doesn’t have time to put together.

I can’t just admit I haven’t done anything for it except send a hasty, badly written email from my phone.

“Hey, Mom,” he says. Phoebe looks up at him with a frown.

“You need the entire bedroom set, Alexander, the furniture you have is barely decent. Real wood is what you need.”

“Mom, Caralyn is pretty swamped at work right now. Would you be able to take over Susanna’s bridal shower completely?”

My mouth drops open. I can’t believe he is trying to help me.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00019]Find out more about Caralyn and Alex and read about their rocky road to love in Pride and Butterflies!

Caralyn Sharp has a demanding job and a love life that just walked out the door. She barely has time to be her best friend’s Maid of Honor. Right when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she brakes hard to avoid a turtle and is rear-ended by Alex Garrison. He’s a military officer with an attitude and the owner of the most amazing pair of blue eyes she’s ever encountered. As they continue to cross paths, she can’t decide what she wants more: to scream at him or stare into his dreamy eyes.

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  1. It strikes close to home being an Air Force Wife with a husband who has very dreamy blue eyes! 🙂 It looks like it will be very fun and full of humor! So excited to read it!

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