Pre-order Emma’s Match

Emma’s Match is set for release on October 1, 2016. Pre-order the Kindle version here. We first meet Emma in None But You, but you don’t have to have read that one to enjoy this one.

Emma's Match Blog picEmma Wallace has a plan up her sleeve to save her struggling design business, but not a clue what do to about the man who has her heart.

Stealing a kiss from Will Knight years ago ended in an embarrassment she didn’t want to repeat. But when a popular new designer in town starts taking her clients and has eyes on Will, too, Emma decides it’s time to fight for what she wants. The perfectly irritating designer she wants to shove into a hole isn’t the only one who can be down-to-earth and likeable. After all, Emma’s never failed at anything…except walking the line between friendship and love. Crossing it again could mean losing Will’s friendship for good.


Frankie Bow has a fun new release featuring an undercover CIA agent going to night school and running into an unexpected mystery. Check out this cozy mystery novella, Schooled.

Schooled“What’s Celia complaining about this time? Did I wash my car on a Tuesday? Wear off-white before Labor Day?”

Sheriff Lee fidgeted and cleared his throat.
“Celia Arceneaux is dead, Fortune.”
CIA operative Fortune Redding signs up for night classes, hoping to ease the boredom of her undercover assignment and learn some useful skills. But an unfortunately-timed murder in on the campus of Mudbug Technical College sends shock waves through the town of Sinful. And Fortune’s life is turned upside down when she discovers who the prime suspect is. Now Fortune has to choose between lying low to avoid the ruthless arms dealer who’s put a price on her head, and doing everything in her power to save someone she can’t bear to lose.
About the Miss Fortune Series:
CIA assassin Fortune Redding has just undertaken her most difficult mission ever—in Sinful, Louisiana. With a leak at the CIA and a price placed on her head by one of the world’s largest arms dealers, Fortune has gone off-grid, but she never expected to be this far out of her element. Posing as a former beauty queen turned librarian in a small bayou town seems worse than death, but Fortune is determined to fly below the radar. Unfortunately, Sinful’s secrets that have been lurking below the surface of the muddy bayou waters start to surface, and Fortune finds herself smack in the middle of trouble that could blow her cover. Armed with her considerable skills and a group of elderly ladies the locals dub The Geritol Mafia, Fortune has no choice but to solve the crimes, before it’s too late.
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Review of Safe in His Arms

It’s release day for Melanie D. Snitker’s Safe in His Arms. I’m very excited because I had the opportunity to read it early. It’s a clean romantic suspense that will keep you flipping pages and groaning in frustration when something else demands your attention and you have to put it down. I recommend all of Snitker’s work, she writes Christian romance and this is her first romantic suspense novel.

51GKrwhm8yL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_When a beautiful woman walks into his diner asking for a job, Joel Ash can’t bring himself to say no. The more he gets to know Anna, the more he’s convinced she’s hiding something. Intrigued and drawn to protect her, he prays he can ensure her safety and guard her heart. Even if it means risking his own in the process.

Anna Henderson is on the run. In a new town, she wants nothing more than to trust Joel and the family offering her a fresh beginning. She’s secured vital evidence that could put her obsessive ex behind bars and out of her life. But without the ability to access it, she’ll always be looking over her shoulder.

Worried her past will catch up with her, can Anna ever feel safe in Joel’s arms?

I really enjoyed Anna’s journey to independence and safety. She’s found life hard since the grandparents who raised her passed away and hasn’t known what it is to have a family in several years. I admire her for running away from an abusive relationship. Even though it meant living in her van, it’s exactly what she needed to do. She couldn’t run into a better man to insist on a job. Her fierce determination to be independent and scars from her past don’t make things easy on Joel at all. I love how he can’t resist falling for her even though she pushes him away. Readers will easily fall in love with him. This is a must-read for lovers of clean romance.









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Book Spotlight: Bethany’s New Reality

Today I’m happy to spotlight new release Bethany’s New Reality by Rachel John. I had the opportunity to read an early copy of this book before it was published. It’s clean chick lit peppered with plenty of humor and wit. I absolutely enjoyed it. It’s a must-read for chick lit lovers.

Where does acting end and love begin?

51PSu1DYJDL__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Turning thirty and surrounded by married couples, Bethany Parks does something she never thought she’d try—reality TV dating. Although finding love would be nice, she’s mostly looking for a fun distraction.

Bethany thinks she’s prepared for aggressive cameras and competitive flirting, but this is a show like no other. The provided wardrobe is a collection of the worst fashion trends of all time, and even more disturbing, they’ve brought on everyone’s exes, including Todd, her most recent dating mistake. He’s the last person in the world she wants to mingle with while sporting ‘mom’ jeans.

Things aren’t all bad. Her new buddy Tyson has her back, and Bethany can’t keep her eyes off the gorgeous and mysterious Carter. She knows right away she’ll have to protect her heart, because on a show like this, the worst thing might actually be falling in love.

Available now in paperback and ebook at Amazon.

71hcAkHMelL__UX250_Rachel John lives in Arizona, USA with her husband, four crazy kids, and her desert tortoise. Her first novel, What Not to Say When You’re Running Away, is about friendships and dating at Eastern Arizona College. Rachel is currently revising it to make it even better, so it will stay off sales channels until it’s ready. Stay tuned. Her next novel, Bethany’s New Reality will release May 3rd, 2016. Rachel graduated from Eastern Arizona College a long, long time ago and knows all about being socially awkward and running away from boys. She went on to Arizona State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. Come visit Rachel on her facebook page, blog or twitter. She’d love to hear from you!
Twitter: @RJohnAuthor